GAT is a Ruby gem that tries to provide a script fast development framework.

Base on a YML structure, GAT allow to write basic and advanced script with a whole set of tools that scripting need.


Gat comes like a Gem, and can be easily installed from rubyforge gem repositories. See Install point for futher information.

Gat comes with this set of features

Script structure:

Gat structure

With 3 default subclasses, that are Programas, Folders and Arguments (more will come). Dependences are resouces that are need for a script. For example, Backup tool will need the gz console program to compress backup
Tipical parts of a script. For example, the popular apt-get installer programas comes with serveral operations. For example, install, autoremove, clean…
Helpers, like on Ruby on Rails, are piece of code that provides some functionality.
Each operation can have one or n conditions. For example, you would verify if there are enough space at devices or if other program is running
Each operation can have one or more actions. Understand action like the program itself. Actions, at gat, can be ruby methods or programs executed on the Ruby Terminal Emulator.
Each script need to write some output, like email, log or stdout. Gat provides this feature too.

Over this structure, GAT gives you a whole controll over the process.


Gat is under heavly development. More info will come….


Coming soon!


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This program is released under the terms of the GPL v3 license as you cand find in http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html


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